The Law Offices of Julie C. Tizzard handle both criminal defense and personal injury cases.
As a personal injury/criminal lawyer
  • Criminal Defense

    Criminal Defense New Orleans HIRE A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY Generally, the sooner a criminal defense lawyer is brought into a criminal case or inv

  • DWI / DUI

    DWI / DUI Defense We can help those who get arrested for DWI / DUIs.  Louisiana DWI / DUI laws are tough.  That is why you need the most diligent DWI / DUI at

  • Personal Injury

    Aggressive, ethical, personal injury attorneys – the New Orleans Law Offices of Julie C. Tizzard will work to ensure that those who are seriously injured

  • Sex Crimes Defense

    SEX CRIMES   THE SCARLET LETTER   Few areas of criminal law have so many wrongfully convicted people as sex crimes. In addition to facing harsh criminal sente